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Are you done settling? Done going through the motions each day? Are you ready for the best version of you and your life?


what is 1:1 coaching?

I see so clearly now that life is meant for so much MORE than what we allow ourselves to have, be, do. It’s time to step it up. It is time to let yourself SHINE. I’ve been there. I have transformed myself. I’ve stepped into who I want to be. Has it been long enough for you? Are you done waiting for your best life to get here ONE DAY? Beautiful, this DAY is here. It is NOW. Let’s do it.

Give yourself permission to  LIVE OUT LOUD. Allow yourself to THRIVE. Let yourself SHINE.

Working with you as a coach has been inspiring. You have shown me what to be beautiful is and I don’t mean outside beauty, inner beauty, how to love myself for who I am. You give me strength especially on days that I need it. You BELIEVE in me when sometimes I don’t believe in myself.
— Liz Z.

transformation experience

4 week coaching experience:

  • Four 1:1 30-min sessions, to be scheduled within a calendar month

  • Unlimited email and Voxer access Monday through Friday.

  • 50% discount on all other programs (valid for 3 months from enrollment date)

Jenya is a very motivated and dedicated coach. She cares about my wellness goals, but she also sincerely cares about my life goals. She brings things into perspective for me.
— Emma S.

who do I help?

You are driven, ambitious, female in a workplace, looking for more purpose, hoping that there is more to life than this? Knowing you can be more, achieve more? Longing to really THRIVE and not just get by?

Is it you? Do you believe you are WORTH the investment?

One on One Intensive

  • 45 min audio session to help you shift fast.

You provide mental support. You’re a genuine person who actively listens when others engage with you. You care and show support without being harsh on people’s lifestyles. You understand that progress = patience. You help people reflect on their actions.
— Jamie R.

I’m Ready!


Single 1-on-1 intensive coaching session

4- week Transformation Experience