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Are you done settling? Done going through the motions each day? Are you ready for the best version of you and your life?


I know that your life is good, and so was mine, but I wanted more. I know you do too. I could not put a finger on what was not quite right, or how to fix it, to go from GOOD to GREAT.

It was not until I dug in to find out what was missing, and what I really wanted, was I able to feel more happy, fulfilled and on purpose in every area of my life.

I will show you how to uncover your true dreams and desires and turn those babies into action. I only teach what I know for sure, and this my friend, I so deeply do! I want to share it with you.


at a super low price of $17

This Can Change Your Life

Working with you as a coach has been inspiring. You have shown me what to be beautiful is and I don’t mean outside beauty, inner beauty, how to love myself for who I am. You give me strength especially on days that I need it. You BELIEVE in me when sometimes I don’t believe in myself.
— Liz Z.


you won't see this low price again

once it's gone, it's gone...


Ask yourself...

  • Is a small investment worth it to figure out how to take my life from good to great?
  • Am I ready to step up my game and stop living the same day over and over and call it life?
  • Can this be the answer to my question of how to get more life out of my life?

[[ and the answer is YES!!! to all three]]

You provide mental support. You’re a genuine person who actively listens when others engage with you. You care and show support without being harsh on people’s lifestyles. You understand that progress = patience. You help people reflect on their actions.
— Jamie R.

Who is this for?

The woman who is ready to TAKE CHARGE of her wellness. 

Not for a month, or a week, or a 3 day cleans... A woman who says "Enough! I am no longer accepting my own excuses for why I am not where I want to be in my health and fitness. I am going all the way. Because there is nothing I can not achieve if I put my mind to it, and surround myself with supportive, driven ambitious women. I got this. Show me the way!"

Is it you? 

Then, let's do this!



Jenya is a very motivated and dedicated coach. She cares about my wellness goals, but she also sincerely cares about my life goals. She brings things into perspective for me.
— Emma S.