Jenya Panova

I am a success coach for busy working women, striving to be fit, fab and fulfilled. I am on a mission to help women tap into their potential  & live life on their own terms.


the story

I believe we get to write our own rules, redefine the norm.

I believe that success looks different for everyone.

I believe that the journey of self-exploration and personal growth is the best journey you will ever take.

I was born and raised in Russia.  At the age of 16 I was introduced to SAD - Standard American Diet - during my foreign exchange program year in Michigan.  it  crushed my fragile teenage confidence, leaving me 20 lbs. overweight and uncertain about the lifeplan that was laid out for me: school, college, get a job, start a family, log your 9 to 5 till retirement.

Desire to lose those pesky pounds became a springboard to my life and career as I have it now.

The drive to “lose weight and look good” turned into a life of adventure, personal growth, development and  ongoing search for deeper meaning and purpose.

I found joy and fulfillment working  for 7+ years as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and later as online fitness coach.  I’ve helped dozens of women lose weight, find a healthier wellness routine, rediscover their confidence, playfulness and zest for life.

Through fitness I discovered personal growth, and I never looked back. Working on my physical stamina improved  my mental strength. Pushing for new fitness goals, gave me drive to pursue new career and life goals. Learning to love my body helped me cherring and appreciate those around me more. Wanting to change myself on the outside caused a drastic change on the inside, creating a ripple effect in every area of my life.

I am here to pay it forward.

I want to help women find joy & purpose in life, be intentional with their life and time.