Do You Know Why 8th of March is Important to You?

I grew up with "8th of March" being a big deal. It was one of 3 non-political holidays outside of birthdays that we celebrated nation wide in Russia - International Women's Day.

Honestly, I didn't see anything "international" about it, especially when I got a confirmation that no one had a clue about this day in the USA, when I was spending my first March 8th here as an exchange student. 

To my delight, these days the "holiday" is gaining popularity and becoming a movement. 

So,I had something to share on this topic tonight and I went love on my FB Page (make sure to follow this page for daily nuggets) .

It is not a history lesson, nor it a political statement.

I wanted to inspire women, like you to look up to other females in our lives that inspire us, make us want to grow, be better, do more.

Female power is no joke. We know how to love, care, cherish... how to persevere and grind it out, when needed.

I want to encourage you to (take few 6 minutes to watch the video) THINK OF ONE WOMAN who has had a great impact on your life, may be even without realizing that.

Reach out to her. Tell her you are thinking of her on this day of celebration of female strength and grace.